Children’s Books with Fiber Art

Spinning Tales: Children’s Books with Fiber Art

I’ve been a fan of children’s books that show spinning wheels, teach children where things come from, and highlight some of my favorite hobbies. Who doesn’t like illustrations of a spinning wheel, after all?  Raising sheep, shearing, spinning, weaving, and knitting… kids relate to these activities and want to learn more.  Here are just a few from my collection:

childrens book about wool

A Symphony for the Sheep children's book about wool at


A Symphony for the Sheep, by C.M. Millen and illustrated by Mary Azarian

Delightful illustrations and lyrical poem takes the reader
from farm and field to the shearer, the spinner, the weaver,
and the knitters. The clever lyrics are made to chant
in a round, or to be set to music.

children's book about making on

Agatha’s Feather Bed: Not Just Another Wild Goose Story,

by Carmen Agra Deedy and illustrated by Laura L. Seeley

“Everything comes from something… nothing comes from nothing.”

Agatha enjoys her new feather bed, but the naked geese remind
her that everything comesfrom something. You’ll love what she
does to help her poor shivering featherless friends.

The Mitten children's book

The Hat, written and illustrated by Jan Brett

When Hedgie sees a sock on the ground, he wears it as a
hat and all the other animals are jealous and want one of
their own. This book inspired my children to wear
underwear as a hat, and anything else they could wear
around and get a giggle from the adults. They loved this book!

The Mitten children's book at

The Mitten, written and illustrated by Jan Brett

All the animals try to fit into the mitten they find dropped
in the snow. Will the good knitting hold and stretch enough?
Beautiful illustrations, as always with Jan Brett.
Snøkrystall (Snowflake) patterns in the knits, traditional
Nordic clothing and decor- every picture is filled with detail
to illustrate the charming story.

childrens book about wool

Red Berry Wool, by Robyn Eversole, paintings by Tim Coffey

Lalo the lamb loves everything about the boy who
watches over him and his flock. He tries to be just
like the boy, and dye his wool red like the shepherd’s
cheery sweater. Charming illustrations, charming story.
you’ll want a lamb just like Lalo.


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