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What is handspun yarn good for?  You’re wondering what to make with handspun yarn? Why should anyone pay the high prices most spinners charge? You can  see that a lot of work went into the making of unusual, one of a kind yarns and art yarns. And maybe a lot of expense, for the fiber and the dyes.  But buying it is an investment.  This gallery shows you some of the beautiful, one of a kind creations which can be made from handspun yarn, so you can see why it’s worth paying a higher price for! When something is made from handspun, it is a unique piece of art.

For a lot of handspinners, making the yarn is their goal! It is an artform in itself.  Some spinners plan ahead with what to make with their art yarn, while others just go with the flow.  If you’re looking for ideas to use the beautiful yarn you impulse bought at an art fair, or couldn’t resist from an Etsy store, you’ve come to the right place!

 This gallery is to showcase some of the beautiful end products made from handspun yarns.


Triangle woven shawl made from handspun yarn by Renee Davis Conner


Beautiful triangle shawl by Farmspun Vlasta. Click here to visit her Etsy shop!


 Woven chiengora/lambswool/kid mohair scarf by Kelley at


Art Yarn Neck Warmer by Laura Abbot


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