Nina Bolen, Needlefelter

Nina Bolen’s whimsical OOAK (One Of A Kind) sculptures are delightful needlefelted treasures full of detail.  Every once in awhile, an  artist shows remarkable skill combined with amazing artistry and imagination. Nina Bolen is one of those. Each of her pieces delights the eye with whimsical details.  Fantastical creatures that appeal to all ages, her sculptures make me want to live in her world.  They are cute without being cutesy, and show humor and imagination.  Here are a few of the items you’ll find on Nina’s website, :


Although wet felting may be one the oldest textile techniques known to mankind, needlefelting is a fairly new medium among fiber artists. Detail can be achieved in ways wet felting never could, and artists seem to be constantly discovering new ways to create with needlefelted wool.  Using the finer needles, felted wool can be sculpted much the way clay is, creating depth and character in each piece.

needlefelting needle
needlefelting needle


The barbed needles drive loose fibers down into the piece, creating a solid fabric surface.  Wrinkles can be sculpted into a sculpture, such as a face, by stabbing carefully in a line, Interweave Storepressing the fibers deeper inside.  A surface can be raised by joining a small wad of wool, stabbing into the join to attach the fibers.  It takes extraordinary skill to achieve the level of detail that Nina does in her pieces, but anybody can create with needlefelt.  (The needles are extremely sharp, though, so this is not a version of felting that is recommended for children.}


Go pay Nina’s site a visit to see more!

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