Happy New Year from SlowYarn!

I want to share my slideshow of stellar moments from 2019. In addition to writing for and editing SlowYarn.com, I am a working artist. Most of what I do is fiber arts related, but I throw a lot of woodwork, metalwork, and polymer clay in there, as well. This year, I let myself fly freely …


Natural Dye For Easter Eggs

I’ve always been a fan of natural dyes. The colors make me feel like I’m coming home to a flower garden. Some of the prettiest colors come from foods in the kitchen. Who hasn’t wanted to capture the brilliant magenta of beetroots forever? The problem is, most of the lovely kitchen colors are fugitive dyes, …


How Back to Basics Does It Have to Be?

There was a discussion on one of the fiber arts groups on Facebook this morning about “cheating” by using a knitting loom. When your hobby is already practicing an old-fashioned back-to-basics skill like spinning or knitting, how basic does it have to be? Do we rank the “basicness” of our hobbies? Do we judge others based on whether they are struggling as much as we are for our art?

Introduction to Eco Printing

What is eco printing? This is a form of natural dyeing using direct-to-fabric or -paper printing from leaves, stems or flowers. Almost all plants have some color in them that can be transferred directly to the surface of fabric or paper, leaving the impression of the leaf shape on the cloth. Generally, the artist India …