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If you didn’t already find what you’re looking for here, maybe these links will help:

Ravelry    (Click the pic below for link)

Ravelry Screen capture

Here, you can share patterns with the knitting or crocheting community. Some are free, some are reasonably priced, and one of the coolest things is seeing all the other examples of that pattern worked up by other Ravelry members.

They will ask for some basic information so you can have an account with them. You get your own homepage, and can keep lots of information there, like favorite photos, patterns, yarns, or forums.


The Interweave Store                                 (click the pic below for link)


The Interweave Store has supplies, patterns, digital classes, books, and more! They are the go-to source for information about all things Fiber Art.

Dharma Trading Company                         (Click the pic below)

Dharma trading screen shot


Everything to do with dyeing, and I mean EVERYTHING! They have dyes and paints and yarns and fabric and white clothing and tools and instructions… all at very reasonable prices and with excellent quality. This is where I go to get silk and cotton fabric for my eco printing.

The Woolery (Click the banner to visit them)

the woolery through

A family run business out of Kentucky, these folks have everything to do with fiber. Spinning wheels, fiber, yarn, kits, books, dyes, and more. They are very friendly and helpful, and a great source for information as well as supplies.

Another great feature on this site? They have a page called “Used Equipment” where buyers and sellers can get together for fiber equipment. Now that’s a great company, where they sell brand new, but help out people who need a lower cost option as well.

Weavolution (Click on the banner to go there)

link to weavolution from slow yarn

Another free online community for fiber artists, Weavolution is where handweavers can gather to share drafts, pictures, projects, sources, or other weaving related discussion.

Spinners’, Weavers’, & Knitters’ Housecleaning Pages

Spinners Weavers Housecleaning for selling or buying used spinning wheels or weaving equipment

Handweavers Guild of America

An amazing resource for locating fiber artists’ groups across the United States. If you’re wondering how to find someone who can teach you to spin or weave, here is a great place to start. Visit a meeting, or call the contact for your local Handweavers Guild for a wealth of information and some really great people.

Mollie’s Herbals at FiasCo Farm

Everything you need to know about raising goats organically. Most of their products work for sheep as well, and if you’re raising Angoras or Cashmeres, the information on this website is invaluable.

Gleason’s Fine Woolies

A site filled with great information, if you can get past the presentation. The floating sheep wallpaper is cute, but makes it very hard to read. Still some great stuff there for spinning and felting and using wool.

Sheep Breeds from Oklahoma State University:

Pictures and descriptions of sheep breeds. It really is amazing how diverse our wool supply is, yet most people don’t recognize that there is nearly as much variation in sheep as there is in dogs. Well… nearly. There are miniature sheep, but not quite Chihuahua sized breeds.

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