Natural Dye For Easter Eggs

I’ve always been a fan of natural dyes. The colors make me feel like I’m coming home to a flower garden. Some …

Reading an MSDS for Home Dyers: Part 1

Understanding how to read a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is important for any home dyer. Especially if you are doing Natural Dyeing, or Eco Printing, it’s good to know just how “natural” or “eco” your materials really are.

quiz on spinning and knitting how primitive are your skills

How Back to Basics Does It Have to Be?

There was a discussion on one of the fiber arts groups on Facebook this morning about “cheating” by using a knitting loom. When your hobby is already practicing an old-fashioned back-to-basics skill like spinning or knitting, how basic does it have to be? Do we rank the “basicness” of our hobbies? Do we judge others based on whether they are struggling as much as we are for our art?

Where Did Craftsy Go?

What does the change from Craftsy to Bluprint mean to you? Learn where to find your Craftsy classes or patterns on Bluprint.

silk scarf eco printed

Introduction to Eco Printing

What is eco printing? This is a form of natural dyeing using direct-to-fabric or -paper printing from leaves, stems or flowers. Almost …

Nuno felt magnified with wool and mohair

Fibers Under a Microscope

Let’s get up close with some wool, silk, and mohair Nuno felt fibers. Really, really close. I always wanted to see the …

eco printing tutorial

How To Eco Print

Nature printing, or eco printing, is the art of pressing leaves onto a fabric or paper surface and extracting the natural dyes …

You Can Buy Fiber Through Amazon!

People are always asking, “Where can I buy wool roving?” on posts in the fiber-related Facebook groups. One of them exclaimed a …

merino hand made felt with long fibers and with short waste fibers

Waste Wool Felt Experiment

I don’t even like the term “waste wool.” If I paid for a fleece I want to use all the fleece! But …


Welcome to the Blog! Handspinning, dyeing, eco-printing, being an artist in a crafting world, wool allergies… if it has to do …

Dog Hair Yarn

Have you ever been curious to know if you can spin dog hair into yarn? When people hear that someone has been spinning …

Summer Dyeing

The Colorado summer has kept me from the computer for awhile! But I have been busy natural dyeing silk fabric.  My idea …

decorative and functional sculpture light

Art vs. Craft

It’s time to reevaluate the 500 year old idea that art is only for the richest people, in the traditional media of bronze or metal sculpture, or painting.

rose pink wool on drum carder

Drum Carder Trick

I recently posted on Facebook asking friends for plastic netting that wrapped a ham or turkey.  I use them with my drum …

handwoven handpainted warps how to at

Handpainted Warps

I remember being shocked at the price tag on a set of room dividers at a Handweavers Guild sale. It was over …