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About Us

the hub of an antique spinning wheel

Learn about the idea behind the creation of SlowYarn.com, the author, and get links to the boring stuff like or privacy policy. Also, there are pictures of cute animals.


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Check out the blog for project details and pretty pictures. Tutorials, process articles, reviews, and more.

Fiber Arts

textile art fabric example

SlowYarn.com is all about the Fiber Arts, also known as “Textile Arts.”  Whether you’re new to fiber arts or just want to learn a little more, you can find great information here.

Learning Center

Do you already know your way around a spinning wheel? Understand the ins and outs of weaving? Have knitting wrapped around your little finger? Is your knowledge of mummified textiles all wrapped up?

Maybe there is more to learn!

Fiber Farm and Garden

Angora goat profile

Learn about the animals and plants who provide us with beautiful natural fibers, and about the people who raise them.


New to the SlowYarn page, this store is linked to my HomegrownArtworks.com shop, where I sell handmade goods. Only categories related to fiber arts will be featured here on SlowYarn.com, but feel free to visit the rest of the store at HomegrownArtworks.com! I work in a wide variety of media.

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