What is Crochet

example of a crocheted square
example of a crocheted square
example of a crocheted square

The craft of crochet is having a huge upsurge in popularity. This method of creating fabric with yarn uses a single hook, is simple to learn, and uses only a few stitch variations. To learn more about crochet, read on!


Crochet is a form of handwork using a continuous strand of yarn, chained and looped together. Crochet is simple to learn.  It uses only one simple tool — the crochet hook — to make fabric from yarn. Children often learn to crochet a chain with just their fingers and no hook at all.

Crocheting is popular for strong household items, like bedspreads,  tablecloths, dishcloths and towels. It’s great for bags and purses. It can also be fashioned into garments. Another common  use of this kind of stitching is for making lace.  Filet crochet or Irish linen crochet are intricate and beautiful, as well as durable. It is less elastic than knitting, and makes a wonderful edging around knitted garments to strengthen them and embellish them at the same time.

Crocheting uses more yarn than knitting, so it is less commonly done with handspun. One of the most elegant uses of textural, beautiful yarns is the freeform crochet technique known as “scrumbling,”  or “scumbling.” These terms are occasionally used for freeform knitting, as well.  Scrumbling has a sculptural appearance, using the colors and textures of fanciful yarns to make an art piece with fiber. It is suitable for framing in smaller pieces, or can be used for Art to Wear clothing. (See Fiber Arts Gallery)

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