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How To Eco Print

Would you like to learn how to eco print? Read on! Nature printing, or eco printing, is the art of pressing leaves onto a fabric or paper surface and extracting the natural dyes from...

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Art vs. Craft

It’s time to reevaluate the 500 year old idea that art is only for the richest people, and it’s only art if it is made with the traditional art media of painting, or bronze or marble sculpting.

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Blue Dye in History

The color blue has long been associated with royalty and riches. Any plant yielding blue dye was considered a valuable commodity, and there are only a couple of plants that do.  It is possible...

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How Basic Does It Have to Be?

There was a discussion on one of the fiber arts groups on Facebook this morning about “cheating” by using a knitting loom. When your hobby is already practicing an old-fashioned back-to-basics skill like spinning or knitting, how basic does it have to be? Do we rank the “basicness” of our hobbies? Do we judge others based on whether they are struggling as much as we are for our art?