What Is Knitting?

closeup of a knitted sweater
closeup of a knitted sweater
closeup of a knitted sweater

When it comes to Fiber Arts, most people first think of knitting. It is the most common introduction to creating with yarn, with children as young as 8 years old being capable of knitting. If you were not so lucky as to have a grandmother teach you knitting, read on for a quick explanation.


Knitting is done with a pair of needles and a continuous strand of yarn., creating thknitting stitches sketch b&we familiar heart shaped stitches that make up your favorite sweater.

Knitting is probably the most well-known of the fiber arts. Everybody is doing it! There are knit groups, stitch-n-bitch sessions, and classes for all ages of people in nearly every town in America and worldwide.

The variety of beautiful yarns available over the Internet has opened up creative possibilities traditional knitters have never known before.  Add the availability of beautiful handspun yarns from handmade markets such as Etsy, or the availability of Handspinning videos on YouTube  and equipment from Paradise Fibers or the InterweavePress Store and your creativity can be endless.

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