Chickens for the Fiber Farm

chickens for the fiber farm

Everyone knows chickens are great to keep on a farm but have you ever thought of spinning chicken feathers into yarn? Although chickens aren’t the first creature that comes to mind when imagining a farm for fiber, the feathers are beautiful spun into novelty yarns.  They’re also very useful for mask making, fiber collage, fiber jewelry, and primitive style artwork.

Chickens are a vital part of any farm. They are amazing recyclers. Chickens eat vegetable and meat scraps from the kitchen, keep bugs down from around the house and barn, and lessen fly problems by eating the larvae. They also clean up bits of grain that the livestock leave behind, thus preventing mice and rat infestation.

One of the greatest things about chickens is that you can keep them in a pretty small area. More and more cities allow chickens in urban yards.  This book is an updated classic about keeping chickens in your own backyard.

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