Wool Moth Traps

Do wool moth traps really work? Yes! 

If you are ready to purchase moth traps, you probably already have a lot of the little pests flying around or they have already damaged your woolen goods. The ones you see flying are the males, flying around looking for some moth lovin’. Traps can be a big part of interrupting that breeding cycle.

Will wool moth traps eliminate the problem? Unfortunately, no.

If you have male clothes moths flying it means that you have already got female moths hiding in your home. The moths themselves do not do any damage to your wool, but their larvae will. You will need to continue using fresh traps for many months, as well as using other means of control.

How do I use them?

When placed near your wool, in your closet, or in any spot you have seen the tiny creatures flying around, these traps will attract the flying males with a pheromone lure, where they will be stuck on the glue trap surface so they cannot breed. Some moth traps are designed specifically for clothes moths, specifically for pantry moths, and some are intended for both.




Will I need refills?

Yes. To be effective in moth control, you will need to continue using these traps over time, consistently trapping the males as they hatch. Combined with other protective measures, you should be able to control or even eliminate your infestation.

Where are they hiding? I cleaned every closet!

Remember, the larvae can survive by eating dust bunnies, dog or cat hair, or any other protein-based dust that may be in the darkest corners of your home. Keep trapping them, and don’t ever assume they’re gone if you want to protect your wool.

Recommended traps:

The inexpensive Black Flag pantry moth traps have demonstrated that they attract multiple types of pests, whether they were intended to or not. The pheromone attractant is targeted specifically toward pantry moths, but here is some photographic evidence that the Black Flag Pantry Pest traps also catch wool moths! (The tiny golden moths are Webbing Clothes Moths, and the slightly larger moths with the black band on their wings are Indian Meal Moths.)

Black Flag Pantry Pest Trap also caught Webbing Wool Moths.

Black Flag Pantry Pest Trap also caught Webbing Wool Moths.

If you want to try the least expensive option first, I recommend the Black Flag brand, designed for Pantry Pests but which does also attract clothes moths.

If you have no problems with the pantry moths, you can purchase traps specifically designed for attracting and trapping wool moths:

This third type of trap is designed to attract BOTH wool moths and pantry moths, and they definitely work! They are more expensive than the Black Flag but may be more effective because they are intended to target both types of pest.

Good luck! I hope you are able to eliminate your wool moth problem quickly and safely!

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