Silk Moths for Spinners

It’s quite a project, but it is quite possible to raise your own silkworms. There is even a special term for it– “sericulture.” At one time the United States had quite an elaborate sericulture industry going. Keep in mind that, if you try raising them at home, you will need a source of mulberry leaves as well as moth eggs in order to raise pure white Bombyx silk.

There is a fantastic website  called Wormspit, which gives detailed instructions on raising the silkworms, feeding, them, and then how to use the fiber. They also give links for finding eggs and mulberry leaves for feeding. is an excellent U.S. source for everything you need to raise your own silk at home. Check it out! They carry many types of insect and butterfly supplies.

Do swarms of bugs creep you out? For those of you not quite brave enough to set up a sericulture project in your own home, here is a link to purchase silk cocoons already dyed and ready for you to play with the fiber insect-free.

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