Summer Dyeing

The Colorado summer has kept me from the computer for awhile! But I have been busy natural dyeing silk fabric.  My idea of summer fun is to try out natural dye plants from my area. Or to try discovering new ones! This summer’s great adventure was experimenting with eco-printing, in the style of India Flint. I …


Art vs. Craft

It’s time to reevaluate the 500 year old idea that art is only for the richest people, and it’s only art if it is made with the traditional art media of painting, or bronze or marble sculpting.

Drum Carder Trick

I recently posted on Facebook asking friends for plastic netting that wrapped a ham or turkey.  I use them with my drum carder for a nifty little trick to lift the wool off the carding cloth. Discussion ensued, wondering if the little kind around cheeses would do, or the softer kind like tangerines and oranges …


Handpainted Warps

I remember being shocked at the price tag on a set of room dividers at a Handweavers Guild sale. It was over three thousand dollars for the pair, and that price tag drew gasps of either shock or admiration. I overheard one person say, “Who does she think she is, asking that kind of price?” …


Blue Dye in History

The color blue has long been associated with royalty and riches. Any plant yielding blue dye was considered a valuable commodity, and there are only a couple of plants that do.  It is possible that the rarity of blue color sources is the reason for its value. Until the Industrial Revolution, all dyes used to …


Are You Allergic to Wool?

Are you allergic to wool?  A lot of people can’t wear wool, because it makes them feel itchy and uncomfortable.  Nobody wants to feel that way from their clothes.  It makes you wonder how people wore wool all the time back in the day.  Were they constantly miserable, rubbed raw from scratching, red in the …