How Back to Basics Does It Have to Be?

There was a discussion on one of the fiber arts groups on Facebook this morning about “cheating” by using a knitting loom. When your hobby is already practicing an old-fashioned back-to-basics skill like spinning or knitting, how basic does it have to be? Do we rank the “basicness” of our hobbies? Do we judge others based on whether they are struggling as much as we are for our art?

From Sheep to Shawl: Dirty to Clean

I’m delighted to present a guest blog written by Heather Wallace on her Sheep to Shawl journey. Like many of us in the fiber arts, she was first captivated by handspinning when she saw a public demonstration. Here is the story of her Sheep to Shawl project: How It Got Started    Since you’re reading this …


“Twenties” Nuno Felted Scarf

When my daughter moved out of state, she couldn’t take everything with her. She talked me into keeping a box of silk garments she’d rescued from thrift stores over the years. (Twist my arm!) Although she has similar tastes to mine, meaning anything green, these garments were purchased solely for the natural fibers and not …


Fibers Under a Microscope

Let’s get up close with some wool, silk, and mohair Nuno felt fibers. Really, really close. I always wanted to see the difference between types of fiber under a microscope, and got a chance today. You see, I live with a science teacher and I decided a few weeks ago that he really needed a …


Making a Gossamer Felted Scarf

I was curious. How thin could I make a wet felted scarf and still have it be durable? I’ve been playing with Nuno felt, which has a woven silk fabric as the base of the project, with wool felted into the silk for texture, warmth, and softness. But wool makes a durable and soft fabric …


Merino Wool Dyed and Dried

I love washing Merino Wool. I love the shine of it. I love the softness of it. I love to spin it when it’s done washing, dyeing, and drying. Today, I figured out a clever method of drying my Merino fleece when I realized I didn’t have a drying rack anymore!   My favorite method …


Dog Hair Yarn

Have you ever been curious to know if you can spin dog hair into yarn? When people hear that someone has been spinning dog hair, reactions range from disgust, disbelief, and nose-wrinkling to excitement, enthusiasm, and willing offers of bags full of “I always thought there should be a way to use this” dog fur!  Let’s …